Nuxt 3 Firebase Auth with SSR support

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➡️ Github Project: Youhan/nuxt3-firebase-auth-ssr

➡️ Demo:

You can see the result of my explodation in the above repository. I got the ideas from damien-hl/nuxt3-auth-example and tried to integrate it with Firebase as the Auth provider.

Key features

  1. Based on nuxt 3
  2. Firebase Auth (Google oAuth)
  3. SSR support
  4. Server side cookie based auth

How it works

The idea is to authenticate the user using Firebase client Auth library. Then we get an idToken as a result of successful authentication. We then send the idToken to a Nuxt 3 server route. The server route is named It uses the token to ask Firebase to create a session cookie using firebase-admin. Then we set that cookie for the browser along with any custom claims. We then return the User object back to the client.

The client sets the User object and makes it accessible for the app using Nuxt's useState composable.

Now on any subsequent client side navigation, the User state is available and the app can use it by const user = useAuthUser().

Now if you reload the page, there is a plugin named plugins/auth.ts that awaits for response of a request to a server route and asks for the user. The api/auth/me reads the cookie, gets the user object from Firestore and sends the User object back or sends null. All of this will happen on the server without any HTTP calls thanks to Nuxt 3 Nitro and H3. If it gets a user object back, it sets the state. Then all the middleware and other parts of the app can use the User object.

Hope this helps someone.

How to setup and run

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Create a Firebase project and get your config
  3. Create a service account in Firebase dashboard and download the json file
  4. Enable Google oAuth in Firebase dashboard
  5. Using 2 and 3, create a .env file in the root of the project (use the env.sample as a template)
  6. yarn install and yarn dev to run the project