How to fetch all my trades from Binance using ccxt library

# javascript# binance# trading

Binance like any other exchange won't let you fetch all your trades at once, but you can do it recursively. They key is to pass a param named fromId to the fetchMyTrades method.

The follwing function accepts a sinceTimestamp and returns all trades since that timestamp.

Note that I am using ccxt library to fetch trades from Binance.

const exchange = new ccxt["binanceusdm"]({
    newUpdates: false,
    apiKey: process.env.BINANCE_API_KEY,
    secret: process.env.BINANCE_API_SECRET,

async fetchTradesFromExchange(sinceTimestamp) {
  let from_id = undefined;
  let allTrades = []
  const symbol = this.symbol;
  const limit = 100;

  while (true) {
    let params = undefined;
    let since = undefined;

    // if the is no form_id, it means we are fetching
    // the first batch of trades
    if (from_id === undefined) {
      since = sinceTimestamp + 1;
      params = undefined;
    } else {
      // if there is a from_id, it means we are fetching
      // the next batch of trades
      // we need to set the fromId to the last trade's id
      since = undefined;
      params = {
          'fromId': from_id + 1,
    const trades = await exchange.fetchMyTrades(symbol, since, limit, params);
    if (trades.length === 0) {
    // concat the trades to the allTrades array
    allTrades = allTrades.concat(trades);

    from_id = trades[trades.length - 1]['id']

  return allTrades;

Hope this is helpful for someone out there! 🙏